FREE Creative Commons License

How to use it: 

You MUST credit within your project or project description with either of the following examples:

“track name” by OR music by

❌ Under this license, you CANNOT use our work for commercial purposes (a commercial use is primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.)
❌ You cannot claim our work as your own.
❌ You cannot claim our work as your own by registering our music on any platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

If you or your client don’t want to credit or simply can’t due to the project type, then you must obtain a commercial license (Standard or Broadcast).

Standard License

CHF 49 per single track.


The Standard License is non-transferable and gives you lifetime rights to use our music after purchase for: 

  • Paid work
  • Web advertise
  • YouTube monetization
  • Company Presentations
  • Fundraising/Crowdfunding
  • Promoting – Brands, Events, Products & Services
  • Animation
  • Website Background Music

Broadcast License

Broadcast License – CHF 149 per single track.


In addition to the uses authorised by the Standard License,
these licenses allow for music to be used for: 

  • Podcasts
  • Application
  • Software
  • Video Games
  • Music On Hold Services
  • Audio Book
  • TV/Radio Broadcast
  • Local TV/Radio Broadcast
  • Indie Film & Festival
  • Film & Cinema
  • Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Gyms
  • CD, DVD & USB distribution.

All Access Pass

By purchasing an Access Pass you gain unlimited access to our ever-growing library of royalty free music – including future tracks too!


You will now have the freedom to explore, listen and download any of our tracks without having to worry about paying anymore license fees!

Enjoy UNLIMITED downloads under your desired license type. No monthly or annual subscriptions. Buy once, license forever!


Login at any time to use your Access Pass.
It remains active as along as you have an account with us.

Non-Commercial/Non-Professional vs Commercial/Professional use - what's the difference?

A commercial or professional use is one primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

Examples of commercial or professional advantages –

Promoting a company, brand, product, service or event on a social front i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc which may benefit an individual or company resulting in potential clients or customers.

Examples of monetary compensation – 

Payment received as part of a company, organisation, sponsor, entity or individual for working on or taking part of a project. Fundraising, YouTube monetisation, Ad Revenue, etc.

Under the FREE CC License, commercial or professional advantages/uses are prohibited. If either of the uses apply to your project,  a commercial license MUST be obtained.

Why Use Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music is the safest way to add music to your videos. You pay for it once and can use it as many times as you like.


If you use music incorrectly, you can be punished by streaming sites by YouTube. Your audio could be shut off or your video can be removed from the site completely.


It is much cheaper than paying royalties each and every time the music is used and the selection is usually better than free stock music.


Royalty free music was created so that TV producers could add music to shows without the long and complex process of paying royalties.


These days, anyone can create and sell Royalty Free music. By buying this kind of music, you are supporting independent composers around the world.

My content is non-commercial and non-professional. Can I use your music for free?

Yes, you can use our music for free for non-commercial and non-professional projects such as home videos and non-monetized YouTube content. Such usage is covered by a Free Creative Commons License, which is only valid if you credit us within the video description.

How long are your licenses valid for?

Our licenses are valid forever. Meaning, the licensee can used the licensed music perpetually on any present or future projects.

Can I monetize my videos?

Yes you can! but first you must obtain a standard or broadcast license.


IMPORTANT: The FREE CC License does not support monetization.

My video has been claimed, what should I do?

What sound quality is the music?

On purchase, you will be able to download an HD WAV 24bit file, which is 28.8x higher quality than a high-res MP3 file. This is the highest quality file and is used for uploading to music distribution or streaming services.

Can I put vocals over your tracks and release them as new songs?

This can be possible, but you must consult with us first before you start this process so we can come to suitable pricing arrangement for your needs. This is also the case if you wish to use a sample of the track to create a new work. Please use the contact form below to get in touch so we can discuss this.

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